Delay linked to an element on a website

Hi There

I am not sure if Automatio already has this feature, I am sure there are many users out there that would need a feature like this. On a website like

You have to click a button that adds plants to your garden in order for it to grow faster. The timer reduces automatically the bigger your garden gets so we do not want to use that. However there is a section on the website that shows “(0 plants)”

Screenshot 2022-01-06 at 14.20.12

once it shows “1” I want the bot to click a specific button.

can you help?

Hi JAck,

Maybe there is a way to schedule instances to monitor the page every 5-10 minutes. And then you could use Click Action with Click by text option, where you will say to click on desired text.

I mean, I can’t say from where, since I can’t test the website. But what I noticed is that website requires Metamask or other type of wallet to authorize, and Automatio can’t do that currently.