Hi any chance make a web search engine bot?

this can give $10 per month per account
if you do have some usa sim phone number to redeem points get reward

its all about search web keywords and do all the daily task get points

all we need just a bot open “bing.com” to do all the searches everyday.

we could use yahoo google bing top 100 keywords to repeat searches
each search wait time must be random 7-12 sec prevent get caught by bing system detect


and we better do not let microsoft know if we got like 500 people using this bot if we wanna launch it

i think we can build a website like pogo cheat bingrewards bot ( microsoft ask pogo cheat owner shut it down because the bot coding too prefect … microsoft reward cant detect it thats 9 year ago )

us bing region get us reward
europe bing region get europe reward
all you need just sim phone number match the region